Felipe Diehl as a fine-art photographer

I was a young teenager when I first became interested in photography. When I was sixteen I got my first job as an apprentice. I learned how to use manual film cameras, how to develop films and to print photos. At seventeen I went to Fine Arts University in São Paulo, Brazil and since then I’ve been studying and working with images in all different types of art & media expressions, allowing my work to be more than just safe clicks with the digital camera and be expressions & impressions of a memorable capture.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Arts & Design and a Graduation in Teaching I had the opportunity to work as digital and graphic designer for marketing and publicity agencies, set designer, to teach in one of the main Colleges of Photography in Sao Paulo, Brazil called SENAC. 

My passion for photography took me to 8 different countries, world-wide festivals, concerts and granted me with 2 photography awards winning National Geographic and Catraca Livre premio.

London Wedding and Events Photographer

Portraits in Vietnam

That is a series of portraits taken in Vietnam in a sixty days motorcycle trip around the country. The intention of the photographs is to show the traditional culture of the country and its people.

The Girl of the Mountain

I took this shot when I was exploring by motorcycle the mountains in the north of Vietnam (a few miles from the border to China). The roads on the top of the mountains are quite desolate and very far from any big cities. The weather was cold and wet. The few people that live in there need to survive with what the mountains offer them. They hunt, collect vegetables, leaves, and fruits and live a very simple life. At some point, I decided to stop to take a landscape photo. The girl from the picture came running towards me which surprised me as I wasn’t seeing anyone for a while. Despite the marks of the hard life in the mountains, she was very friendly and quite curious about what I was doing there. Besides my personal feelings about my experience, there are some reasons why I like that photo. The portrait shows up some of the aspects of her style of living. The little girl wearing traditional clothes, a religious amulet necklace, licking an empty spoon, and her bruises are some of the contents that give a single shot lots of meanings and understanding. Also, what called my attention was her relationship with the camera. The girl didn't smile or pose for any photos that I took at any moment. She was completely herself. Made me think how the culture of some people in the world is far from the western world culture where the image is all the time related to social media and ego. A single image that tells a lot. 

Human Mandala Project, an artistic representation of sacred geometry. 

The Human Mandala project artistically interprets the most universal forms of sacred geometry, so explored in ancient Egypt, gothic art, renaissance, and other artistic movements and ancient peoples.

Through photographs of human bodies and the way they are arranged, each montage made from six photos explores the visual elements found in the geometry of creation. The forms found in the images of the human body are the same found in molecules, plants, animals, energy vibrations, galaxies, and constellations. The primary forms of creation (sacred geometry) are found in all known material and physical fields in the macro and micro-universe.

The aim of the photographic series is to continue to explore and find these proportions and shapes through the human body in different ways using different compositions based on sacred geometry. 

Southeast Asia Street Photography

Photographs were taken during a three months trip to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos.


Wales - Four Waterfalls Walk and Llyn y Fan Fach

O'Connell Street, Dublin, Ireland

Portfolio 01 · 2012 - 2014

Portfolio 02 · 2012 - 2014