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"After more than 20 years working with fine art, portraits, events, concerts, architecture photography and visual arts, I’ve developed into a highly skilled and experienced photographer. At weddings, I rely on this lifelong skill and experience to capture and express those emotional and unforgettable moments of the big day. Special ceremonies like these afford me the opportunity to express and combine my artistic talent with the necessary knowledge required to produce professional quality images of the highest standard. An incredible collection of imagery for an incredible day, this is the apex of my art as a photographer."

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I first became interested in photography as a young teenaager. When I was sixteen (1999) I got my first job in the photography area, learning how to work with manual film cameras, developing films and printing photos. At seventeen, I started at Fine Art University in São Paulo, Brazil and since then I’ve worked and studied with all manner of images and art in different areas, making me the accomplished photographer I am today.

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