"Over 20 years of experience as a photographer studying, working and creating. I have developed and expanded my photographic work through art, portraits, fashion, architecture & landscape, events, concerts, design & graphics. ” 


"With creative eyes I’m always looking to capture unforgettable and special moments during ceremonies and celebrations that will turn into high quality images for your big day’s book, picture frames, posters, canvas and the most important beautiful pictures for you to remember & share the joy of your special day."

Hi, I am Felipe Diehl.

I was a young teenager when I first became interested in photography. When I was sixteen I got my first job as an apprentice. I learned how to use manual film cameras, to develop films and to print photos. At seventeen I went to Fine Arts University in São Paulo, Brazil and since then I’ve been studying and working with images in all different types of art & media expressions, allowing my work to be more than just safe clicks with the digital camera and be expressions & impressions of a memorable captures.

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