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Weddings are the most important projects for me. Everything I’ve learned through my vast work experience in the image area is effortlessly implemented on the big day to capture those special and intimate moments. Events photography, portraits, design, architecture photography, concerts and fine art are just some of the formats I’ve had the pleasure of working in that have fully equipped me to work with wedding photography. Wedding photography is not for beginners! On the day, the photographer has to deal with all kinds of situations (good and bad) and needs to know how to make the most of it. Knowing how to work with different kinds of lighting, environment, people and details while being creative at the same time is a must. Mastering how to use your equipment technically is essential to express emotions and feelings in a natural way. Weddings involve all the technical, practical and creative/artistic challenges that provide a wonderful opportunity for the photographer to express themself with their arsenal of long-acquired technique and knowledge. These important and beautiful moments are full of love between two people and their families and friends. I take it as seriously as it should be. I hope to count on you for my next wedding project where we can join my art and experience with your special day. See you there!

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